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Due to Ms Miji's constraints teaching from HOME, we seek your understanding for her to combine some online classes from 3rd May - 1st June 2020. But nevertheless, it's going to be as fun and you will make new friends during this period of time! 


Ms Miji Monday 7:00PM KKidz 9-12yo

Open to all students from : 

Mon Bishan 7.00PM (9-12yo) KKidz

Mon JCube 6.00PM (9-12yo) KKidz (Ms Sera Students)

Sat JCube 4.00PM (9-12yo) KKidz (Ms Sera Students)


Ms Miji Thurs 7:30PM KMV
Open to all students from : 

Mon JCube 7:00PM KMV (Ms Sera Students)

Mon Bishan 8:00PM KMV               

Thurs Bishan 7:30PM KMV



Ms Miji Sunday 6PM KMV

Open to all students from : 

Mon JCube 8:00PM KMV (Ms Sera Students)

Sat JCube 5.00PM  KMV (Ms Sera Students)

Sat Punggol 7.00PM KMV 

Sun JCube 7.00PM  KMV

Sun JCube 8.00PM  KMV

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