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DFK team_5th - DF online comp poster 202

5th & DF Dance Competition Online Edition!

5th Avenue & Dance factory Dance Competition Challenge - Online Edition! with international Choreographer, Ms Hyojin Choi from Korea, Seoul, as judge!
Judging would be base on scores and gold/silver/bronze award medals would be awarded🥇🥈🥉
All participant would be videoed on 4th September 2020!  Videoing equipment and studio would be provided. 


The venue will be fixed at Dancepointe Academy @ ARC Alexandra on 4th September, Friday which is a School Holiday. (Teachers’ day). The time will be confirmed at later stage whereby dancers are scheduled at different times to ensure no crowding and with safe distancing measures in place. 

The planning will including a practice run before the actual video, guided by their choreographers. 

With this enhancement, we hope to give all students the feel as they would on stage; with the camera, lights, stage like environment; like an actual Dance Competition!

Thereafter we will submit these videos to the Judge, and the live judging will be on 11th September, Friday by Ms Hyojin Choi, an international artist from Seoul.

No video submissions are now needed by the parents/students.

Besides receiving Medals, special Awards and Scholarships will be presented to outstanding dancers.  

We look forward to your participation!

Kindly take note that the dateline is 15th July via the

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