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Dear Parent(s) / Student(s);

Regular Class Resumes at Studio from 19th June 2020

We treasure the success and unparalleled experience in Dance Education in virtual dimensions. But this would not have been possible without the confidence and support of our parents and students; our sincere gratitude to all!

As recently announced, Singapore will move into Phase 2 from 19th June. In light with this pronouncement and following MOH’s extra-precautionary measures, we are happy to announce that we are prepared to start our regular classes at the studio from 19th June 2020, Friday. Your child’s regular class schedule remains the same.

Rest assured that we will continue to strictly implement our extra-precautionary measures. Please refer to the pointers below on what will happen starting 19th June 2020.


Extra-Precautionary Measures to be in place: (Last updated : 19th June 2020)

​In accordance to MOE guidelines for tuition and enrichment centres, please find the guidelines as follows: (last updated 19th June). Those pointers below in Italics are updated on 19th June.

In addition, we have clarified with SportSG HQ & MOE on the requirement for dance enrichment. We are in the category of enrichment and under purview and guidance from  MOE. 

Before Class:

  • Health declarations: By attending class, you have declared that you and/or your family members are not placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) or Approved Absence (AA) by their schools, or students who are on a Stay Home Notice (SHN), or Home Quarantine Order (HQO).

  • Thermal (temperature) scanning at Mall entrances / Temperature taking at the branch

  • Safe Entry – QR scans (Check-in & Check out) for all students & staff are compulsory

  • Parents/students to follow “IN” & ‘OUT” queue poles for movement of students

  • Staggering of dismissal time if there are concurrent classes

  • No waiting in the studio unless there is safe-distancing of 1 meter apart (applicable to students only)

  • No changing room (all students are advised to wear attire before coming for class)

  • Marked space (1 meter apart safe-distancing) in designated waiting area

  • Teacher & Staff temperature registration twice a day before and during work.

  • Any students who are sick should see a doctor immediately and apply leave from the school

  • Any students who have flu, cough, fever, sneeze like symptoms are not permitted to attend class

  • Any students who have family members with flu, cough, fever, sneeze like symptoms should not attend class

Classroom Management:

  • Marked space (2 meters apart safe-distancing) in the dance studio. 

  • Rotation of Groups when dancing big movements so as to prevent close contact

  • If there is more than one group sharing a space, the groups must not interact and must maintain a distance of at least 3 meters apart at all times. Grouping should be maintained throughout the phase.

  • Teachers will be using face shields/face masks during the class

  • Mask should be worn as a default for students. If they can’t dance with mask, they can remove. Students to put on masks immediately after class.

  • No sharing of class props & reduced physical contact among students/teachers

  • All students to bring wet wipes for cleaning their own space in the studio

  • Hand-sanitizers are required before and after class.

  • New Dance Trials – No parents are allowed in the studio. We will provide a digital way for showcasing the learning.

  • Teachers to sanitise hands before and after class

  • Put down bags at designated areas  only

  • Disinfectant mopping of the floor after each class

  • Clean top and bottom of dancing shoes with disinfecting wipes before and after class

  • Only a clean separate shoes are allowed in the studio

Safe Operations Plans:

  • Online Payments will continue and no over the counter transactions unless necessary.

  • A counter shield is installed at all counters in the school for a safe face to face meet between our Staff and Customers

  • All Customers, School staff and Teachers must install TraceTogether App in their phone before resuming classes

  • All studios were cleaned and sanitized before school reopens. Extra step up: All studios/door knobs/contact surfaces are cleaned before and after every lesson.

  • Strictly no trying and exchange of any merchandise during this period. The school will provide the measurement chart to all customers before purchase. Our staff or teachers will assist in any measurements if required

  • All internal Group Meetings of Teachers and Staff will continue online to reduce mixing as teachers mix with different groups of children

School Fees:

Further to our email on the Term 2 Fees (May-July), the Studio based Fees will remain the same starting 19th June. Any difference in the fees will be adjusted in Term 3 (Aug – Oct).


Meanwhile, we must all adjust our expectations, lifestyles and norms, as we are not going back to the way things were before COVID-19. Let us continue to stay disciplined and vigilant, and not let all government efforts go to waste. Together, let us embark on this collective journey to achieve a safe learning environment and a COVID-safe Singapore .


Thank you to all Dancepointe families for making it through this far with us!

Regards, Dance Factory

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