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Dance Factory, a member of Dancepointe Academy, specializes in K-Pop dance classes for children, teenagers, and adults, catering to all proficiency levels, from newcomers to seasoned performers. Our core mission is to impart the latest trendy moves derived from music videos (MVs) and diverse K-Pop dance styles through our comprehensive training program.


Under the guidance of our Artistic Principal, Mr. Kim Dong Hyoung, a luminary from Seoul;  Korea, our faculty is committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience. We immerse our classes in catchy Korean music, creating an engaging atmosphere where students of varying dance backgrounds can join in the fun and groove along. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable experience, enabling students to emulate the dance styles of their admired MV idols.


At Dance Factory, our Dance Instructors add their signature touch with unique choreographies, infusing each session with charm and individuality. Our classes are tailored to inspire and entertain, welcoming both newcomers and seasoned dancers to step into the world of K-Pop and dance like their favorite idols.

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