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Dance Factory, a member of Dancepointe Academy Singapore was established since 2008, in various clusters of Singapore.


Dance Factory, particularly in our pursuit of ever higher quality standards of teaching and learning. We are dedicated to providing all students’ dance educational foundation, necessary to succeed in school and in life with this new structure.


Dance Factory is transformed into a pure Kpop School in 2017, using catchy Korean music to dance and with sing along lyrics that is insanely fun and addicting! It’s highly suitable for students who want to have fun and dance like their idols. Teachers will be using their own unique CHOREOGRAPHIES for the classes. 

For Teens and children who want to be part of International Dance Examinations and Certifications for Street Dance such as Hip Hop, you may switch to 5th AVENUE SCHOOL OF JAZZ AND STREET DANCE where the faculty pursues Dance as An Education for Jazz and Street Dance. The faculty is accredited to PAA (U.K.) and CSTD (Australia) Organisations for their internationally recognised certificates and PAA for the UCAS points for entry to Universities.

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