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(5-8yo) & (9-12yo)


Attention all parents, attention all parents! If you noticed that your kiddo displaying syndromes such as: 


  • Having a strong likely for K-POP 음악 (music)

  • Loving to dance to K-POP MV 이동 (moves)

  • Dying to perform like a K-POP star 

  • Listens to the latest K-POP songs 


Please send them to this class immediately! We have the right 선생님 (teacher) to make your kids shine!

(By Song)


Just Like T T ~ ‘’ – Twice, T_T.

T T (wu wu) A Hangeul symbol used in chats for crying.


Not sure which leg to start off with for the iconic dance moves for the latest Kpop Hits?


This is what you need !!! We will cover the latest Korean songs and train you to dance like your star in the Music Video. 

(Girly - By Song) 


Think about acoustic version of “NOT TODAY” or “Bang Bang Bang”


If the original choreo for the songs that you like are too fierce for you, this class is 딱 촣아 (Just Right).


And who said that boys can’t flick their hair ? Come on boys, Show them you can flick your fringe!

13yo & abv Intro / Advanced 

요 (Yo!) 요 (Yo!) 요 (Yo!) 힙헙 Hip Hop. 


A street dance style perfomed to KPOP music or that as evolved to be part of Hip Hop culture...

You could imagine the swag moves !

 13yo & abv Intro / Advanced 

처기 요~ (Hey, over here~) We are not the rebels! We are part of the noble Jazz family.


We are often influenced by the songs we listen to, that’s all. We still work on posture, lines & poise.


Imagine street dance + Jazz, got it?

13yo & abv Intro / Advanced 


Prefer R&B ? 노 프로브렘! (No Problem!)


This class displays the sensitive and sensual side of hip hop. Smooth, sleek & swift choreography that will capture the eyes of many and also the way how urban choreography tell a story in the dance.


Talk about new school dance style!


13yo & abv Intro / Advanced 


아 니요! (No!) It’s not what you think. We don’t go around whacking people in class but instead it’s a class that focus a lot on arms, lines, poses, musicality and control of speed.


So is it 팔 (arm) or 발 (leg) that we are focusing on? Come for class and find out yourself.


P.S – This is not a violent class, I promise you that no one will be hurt. 

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